Ring of love or wedding ring a sign of your love for the outside world to see! They can be with your own stone of the month, a Diamond, or a star Saphire, your rings will be unique and custom made by the goldsmith master and jeweller himself for you.

Why not propose during full moon with a mystical Moonstone?
Maybe you discover your blue-love in Africa? A Tansanite, which can only be found there, might be the matching stone to do so.
„You are my sun!“ … Did you know that there is a matching Sunstone as a possible „engagement-stone“?

A relationship with fire and many layers? There is no better stone to symbolize just that, than the Opal with his different and seemingly every-changing colors!
Or maybe something truly extravagant: your love – loves watermelons? We have got you covered with a watermelon-Turmaline!

Whatever you can come up with, we have the matching stone for it!
Because we connect top-notch, artsy craftsmanship with just the right amount of craziness, as we are crazy in love with our gemstones.