Opal Boulder, Kategorie Edelsteine


Our gemstones are sorted by color, as most of our clients are looking for gemstones of a specific color. For the colors rose-red you can find par example – Rubies, Turmalines, Garnet, Kunzite etc. If you are looking for something green, you may find Emeralds, Turmalines, but also Peridots, Jade and Lemoncitrine etc.
Discover your future favorite gem in red, green, blue, orange, violet, pink, white, black, or the multi-colored allrounder: the Opal. We have dedicated our love especially to Opals, which we can offer in all shapes, different types, sizes, and grades of quality.

In our carefully selected collection of gemstones in all shapes and sizes, each in beautiful colors, hides something for everyone.